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Finally we''re starting to see some snow. Not a lot down this way but it's been snowing steadily for several days. Today we're supposed to get a little more "serious" a snowfall, although compared with what I was accustomed to up north, it's still a paltry amount. Nevertheless, I'll take it. I just purchased a new set of snowshoes in preparation for a number of trips this winter into real snow country and checked out the camera system and whatnot. All appears ready to go. Check out the new Feature Imagefor a sampling of my home town now that there is a bit of snow around. I do very little shooting in towns, but this one I couldn't resist. Hope all is good with you and yours for the upcoming holidays, and check back often. I hope to have quite a few new images up as the snowpack starts to grow.


This time of year does tend to be the "slow" season for me. It's the between-time - between when the leaves are pretty much all down and before the snow gets going in earnest. I've been making use of the time by getting some website maintenance completed and making submissions to All Canada. On the website, I've changed up a few images, with some new ones appearing on all pages in the horizontally formatted gallery, plus I removed the black embossed frame from around the large images. Given a black background generally (and that too may change before too long), I felt the embossed frame was more of a distraction than anything. With respect to the in-between time though, we have had our first snowfall of the year now, and you'll see an example of that on the last horizontal thumbnails page in the Gallery. I had a blast standing out in the moderate snow watching as the grass and a park bench was slowly (or, not-so-slowly at times!) covered with snow. I was actually waiting for this to happen and was, in fact, out in the morning when it was beautifully sunny and relatively warm scouting the area out. It's always a good idea to scout an area ahead of time if possible, although admittedly, that only works for nearby areas. Anyway, I do plan on getting out to a Provincial Park before long to shoot the old, dead wildflowers on some open fields I know of. I'm looking for a wet day when the colours that are present are well saturated. Stay tuned... :) .


Well, here it is! A brand new website (well, mostly brand new :) ). I hope you like it - lots of new images, and more on the way. The inspiration for this one is a result of a recent trip back to Canadian Shield country. It's "home" to me and nature is my first love for photography going back to Day 1. So I've decided that's my primary focus now. Actually, it always was but I got fascinated by other things recently. However, nature is a bit of a 'cause' for me and it's there that I do my best work, and the kind of work I'm most passionate about (by a lot). So have a look around and see what you think. It's easy to find the gallery now :) .


You just never know what's going to pop up in your life when you get up in the morning :) . A very good friend and I have been texting back and forth regarding our D850's and other worldly events, and I showed him a photograph I took of the ice going out in the Spring in Algonquin Park. I shot it but didn't know how to capture it at the time to really pass on not just the process but how I felt about the miracle of the seasons as we get them in this part of the world. As I was reviewing the photograph, it hit me out of the blue exactly how I should have captured it, and so I passed my revelation on to Jack with examples of what I should have done vs. what I did do (the current form is a very nice documentary photograph that would go well in a very dry, scientific text book on freeze/thaw cycles in lakes on the Canadian Shield, but no good for anything else). Now Jack's genre is very different to mine, but his reply switched on a whole bunch of lights for me that has made a huge difference in my photography! Admittedly, I've been struggling with my focus (not the camera's focus (wink, wink)) and trying to narrow down exactly what I'm trying to convey with my photography. I had it at one time but we all tend to lose focus from time to time and we either re-define it or come back to it again eventually. My case covers a bit of both options. I won't go into a lot of detail here, but for now I'll tell you to check back fairly often over the next couple of weeks as I'm working on both photographs and a new website that will reflect my re-found passion that is nature. Suffice to say that while I love photographs of moose, bear, and wild country in general, my real passion is the processes that are part of, and indeed, define seasonality in my little corner of the world (and beyond, when I can get there). Those processes are far, far more complex than most people could ever imagine and very worthy of in depth photographic study. For me, they are as much about how I feel about them as how I see them, so I've definitely set myself up for a challenge! Stay tuned, and thanks Jack - you really made my day!


Well, it has been a while. LOTS new that I'll be updating you on oveer the next couple of weeks! For now, I'll update you on the "latest and greatest" camera acquisition - the Nikon D850. I'm absolutely blown away by this camera, so much so that I have sold the D5 (which should not be read as anything negative on that amazing camera!) and am almost exclusively using the 850 now. As a very capable backup, I have the D810. The 850 images are exactly what I've been looking for, for my landscape/nature work. They are of such high resolution that I describe them as "buttery smooth" yet sharp as a tack. The AF and buffer for CH shooting are right up there with the D5, and that's at a full FX format. You'll be seeing some samples of these images shortly. I'm hoping Adobe gets Lightroom updated before too much longer as I'm amassing a fair number of images that need cataloguing and sent off to "All Canada Photos". So stay tuned for that. OK, back again much sooner than this past respite.


As promised, you'll now find a "Feature Image" section on the site. This is a single image that I think is of particular interest, accompanied by a short description and the metadata of the image itself (which sometimes actually is the key point of the photograph. So that's done. I'm hoping to have a short selection of images in their own gallery that depicts the season that we're in as I'm a seasonal "nut". That is one of the neatest things I find about Canada - no matter where you are, there are 4 distinct seasons. In some locations a particular season can be very short, but they do exist. That one might take a little longer, so stay tuned. Oh, I also changed out one of the vertical format images in the Canadiana section, in case you want to go have a gander at that again. More later :) .


Happy Canada Day everyone!! Hope it's a good one for all you fellow Canucks out there. I know we aren't perfect, and we have a ways to go in some important areas, but you have to be glad to be living in this country. We could do far worse, that's for sure. Per some recommendations from friends, I've made a few changes in here, adding more detailed captions to most of the images along with some other more minor updates such as putting the latest posts here on top (good suggestion!). I've been asked to bring back the "Feature Image" as well, so look for that in the coming week. With that, it will be time to get back out in the field and start getting new material again. I've been computer-bound far to much this year so I'm looking forward to that. OK, that's it for now. See you soon :) .


Wow! BIG update! Pretty much revamped everything on this site so there are newer images, more images and more info in the other textual pages. Interestingly, this coincided with a major rainstorm we had in our area that has caused some major flooding around and about. You'll see a few examples in the new, "New Work" gallery with this iteration. A week back I took a trip from Tobermory, Ontario to South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island, Ontario on the ferry, the "Chi-Cheemaun" (pronounced chee-chee-man). It was a sunset cruise and my D5/28-300 combo got quite the workout. A few of those shots are included here-in. It was a fantastic trip. One interesting note on this trip, the ferry was on a collision course with a pair of loons. It was a ludicrious situation given the size of Georgian Bay/Lake Huron, but one would expect the loons simply to take flight and get out of the way. Well, if a loon has recently had a big meal, they are in fact, "over gross weight" and can't get airborne. Such was the case with one of the loons in this instance. I'm happy to say he/she was still able to use its wings and feet to scramble away from the behemoth bearing down on it, but it was rather a close call. OK, hope you enjoy the new look and site. Back later!


Just a little bit of news today. I've (hopefully) improved the navigational aspects of this site today. Now clicking on the new masthead that is present on each page will take you back to the home page. Of course, the other new thing is the masthead. Hope you like it. I'll be making some further tweaks this week and then I'm back out in the field getting new material (FINALLY!!), so stay tuned for that. I want to put up a page for new material so we'll see how that goes when I get back from the next trip.

Oh, I picked up a couple of new items for the kit bag on the weekend. I opted for the tripod collar for my 70-200. That's the f4 version and it's so light that I'm not sure if the collar will actually make an improvement to the balance of the camera/lens combo or not. With the f2.8 version, it's heavy enough that you wouldn't want to go without the collar, but not so this one. We'll see how it goes. It'll mainly be on my D810 so it's probably going to make things a bit more stable in the end, and stability is what it's all about when shooting.

OK, that's it for now. Later :) .


At this point in my not-so-illustrious career in making modern web designs, I'm not able to make an actual blog. I know, it's as easy as making a pie, but as my last attempt at making a pie ended up with a goodly supply of hockey pucks, an actual blog is going to have to wait for a bit. That said, this page is about stuff photographic, which could include places I've been, places I'm thinking of going, general thoughts on photography, etc. In other words, anything goes (well, within reason). So this page might be a reason in itself to pop back in for a quick looksee to see what's new or what's coming. Now be warned - I'd MUCH rather be shooting than writing so there may be long absences. This page will get updated when I get time, but for sure it won't be on a regular basis or some sort of schedule. So there you go. See you next entry.