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Jan 2018


Well boys and girls, the time has come. At the insistance of a very good friend, I've taken some time and some lessons through on CSS, HTML and responsive design (actually, this site is very responsive - you shrink it, it looks horrible and you respond with an expletive, I'm sure!) and have been working on a brand new site. This site will be very responsive, and have a whole new premise behind it. The new premise primarily will entail a series of short photo essays rather than a collection of random images. The images have yet to be shot, and as such will put a whole new demand on the way I shoot, and hopefully in the process improve the quality of my work, something I'm constantly striving for. Anyone who tries to tell you theyve "made it" and "don't have anything more to learn" is not someone I'd put any stock in as a photographer. If you ever find you stop learnning and don't feel the need to learn more, then switch to another hobby or career path. You're done in this one :) . So stay tuned. I hope to get the new site up in a couple of months if all goes well. Yes, the code will be completed long before then, but the images aren't something that can be rushed. That's largely up to Mother Nature and my own abilities. A last note about the new site, there will not be a "Not-a-Blog-Blog" on it. It will be much simpler and more straightforward than this one. It will also be set up in such a way as to make it easier to change out images, and those changes should be easier to spot. I hope to make it a much better user experience than what I have now. Until then, you can continue to check on things here as always.
On another front, I received notice I've sold a few more images through the agency. They do a good job for me, with one going to eastern Russia. It's fun seeing one's work published, but to know it's going around the world is really a treat.
Lastly for now, I'm working on plans for a cross half-country trip that will take me right out to the west coast of Vancouver Island. I absolutely love stormy, moody shots of waves breaking on a wild shoreline and that is the ultimate location for that kind of work. Who knows, maybe I'll stay :) . This will likely happen late summer into mid autumn, but timing is still up in the air. Bottom line is, Canada is an immense country and I really need and want photographs from other Provinces, and I hope to come back with several thousands of images from this trip. It'll be a tonne of work and involve a lot of camping along the way, but the last time I went out west and spent a winter in Calgary, was very rewarding. It's time to do that again. Another place I want to spend some serious time around is Lake Superior. It is perhaps second or third in the country to Canada's west coast and also Newfoundland/Labrador for this kind of photography. OK, thanks folks. Till next time, keep shooting.


Good Morning all, and Happy New Year! I trust you all survived the New Year's party intact? Glad to hear :) . Being the new year and all, I hope for good things for all of us. It's certainly getting off to a frigid start in many places in Canada, which challenges both us and our gear for sure. I've been out on the snowshoes ('shoes') a few times already even though there's not really enough snow down my way to warrant it, but very soon now I'll be heading north into real snow country.There the 'shoes' aren't a luxury. They are a necessity. I have to say, I'm a bit concerned about the temperatures in terms of the gear of late. When I shot film, I used to shoot on winter camping trips with the temperatures down into the -30's and only worried about static on the film or breaking it. I never once had a camera fail me on any of those trips, and indeed, one of my very first submissions to a major publisher (Carlton Cards) was from a 2 day winter camping trip in Haliburton where they had record low temperatures (-42C that night I believe) and resulted in an image being published in one of their Canada calendar publications. So it can be done. That said, this "new fangled" digital stuff relies a whole lot more on battery power than did those manual film cameras, plus we have LED's and so forth to keep powered. Nevertheless, the light is so good under cold conditions that I just can't sit at home and lament the conditions that are creating such beautiful light, so I guess this week I'm going to find out just how rugged the 850 really is. Anyway, some new work coming very soon ('new' Feature Image going up today) so stay tuned and hope you enjoy. In the mean time, STAY WARM!!

Dec 2017


Well, we'll very soon be saying 2018 when giving the date. Man, time flies! I've been trying to get up north as promised but the snow squalls have really put the brakes on moving too far. Add to that, of late, is the extreme cold we are experiencing now, and for the near future. I have a plan to head either to Killarney Provincial Park for a little New Year's Day shooting, or to Bruce National Park. New Year's Eve night is supposed to drop to -33C in Sudbury though, and that same date at Bruce Peninsula National Park is possibly going to see yet more snow squalls. Right now I'm leaning to Killarney, but I guess I have to decide just how much punishment to put my gear through. I have shot at -33C before, but it was a film camera where if the battery didn't work, so what. The two biggest things you had to worry about were breaking the film or getting static on it from winding it. Digital cameras (computers?) are a little more complex, so I'm not sure what to expect. We may be about to find out. Stay tuned here for more info (and an address to send a box of tissues to if I break my trusty D850!). In the mean time, a new Feature Image is posted for your enjoyment. Later gang!


First off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and a Happy Hanukkah for all those who celebrate those. Hope it's a good one for you! Well, not a lot of shooting lately. Snow squalls have prevented me from getting north where I wanted to go so far. Believe me, if you've never been in one of those, they are not to be messed with. I've been in a couple where you couldn't even see the front of the hood on the car. Anyway, this has given me some time for reflection. I'm planning another rework of the website, possibly in time for New Years, but we'll see. Every now and then I think it's good to sit back and assess where one's photography is going, and where one wants it to go, which is something I did this fall. That was quite successful for me in my planning, and now I'm fine tuning that (or drilling down, if you will) to identify what turns my crank the most. You will start to see the results soon, I hope, and I believe you'll find the images more thoughtful, perhaps introspective, and of a higher quality than before. I'm also looking at my shooting style a bit and may adjust that to suit newer material. Again, I don't think it's ever a bad thing to reassess every so often and change things up a bit. I guess I'm not going to be getting outside my comfort zone in the material I shoot (possibly just the opposite), but I will be in how I shoot it. Stay tuned - could be some interesting disasters ahead! Anyway, the new front page photo will give you a hint as to where things are likely to go. You have seen that before, but expect a lot more of that. Thanks for looking in and all the best for the holidays!


Finally we''re starting to see some snow. Not a lot down this way but it's been snowing steadily for several days. Today we're supposed to get a little more "serious" a snowfall, although compared with what I was accustomed to up north, it's still a paltry amount. Nevertheless, I'll take it. I just purchased a new set of snowshoes in preparation for a number of trips this winter into real snow country and checked out the camera system and whatnot. All appears ready to go. Check out the new Feature Imagefor a sampling of my home town now that there is a bit of snow around. I do very little shooting in towns, but this one I couldn't resist. Hope all is good with you and yours for the upcoming holidays, and check back often. I hope to have quite a few new images up as the snowpack starts to grow.