26. Portense of Things to Come
Autumn is a period of transition. It starts off mild and barely noticeable from Summer, and progresses through a period of ever-decreasing temperatures and ever-increasing of the frequency and intensity of storms. I think it's the seemingly constant change that Autumn brings that excites me so much about it. I was in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario, for 3 days of hopefully great shooting of Autumnal colour, when this roily old cold front went through overnight. At the same time, the health gods decided this would be a good time for me to catch a rather nasty cold. I couldn't leave though, things were getting too good as the black clouds raced across the late afternoon sky and the temperatures started to plunge. At one point I wondered if the rain would change to snow, which actually could have made for some incredible shooting, but alas, no snow. That didn't stop me from capturing what I felt was the essence of the day and the season - that of constant change and the portense of things to come - Winter. Much like the soft, halcyon-like days of early to mid Autumn, the sudden harshness and sometimes violent weather of mid to late Autumn really stirs my juices, particularly in the northland. This day didn't disappoint!

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