23. Standout
Early Spring in rural Ontario isn't my favourite time of year by any stretch. The snow, what remains of it, is dirty and the trees are bare and gray. However, in the north country, it's a very different story. Here things aren't dirty. Yes, trees are bare (at least the deciduous trees are), but the land is truly in a long transition from being covered in snow to one of being green and alive. It is this transition that caught my eye in this photograph. The remnants of snow in the bush, the brown grasses in the creek that is in full flood are rebounding and gaining new colour, the evergreens are... well, still green, and there is one, solitary bare tree that stands in front of all the rest that looks like it didn't fare so well during the Winter, and yet there it stands, out front of all the rest. Nature is harsh in this part of the world, and yet everything works together in its own way and makes for a strong whole. A story worth telling, especially these days.

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