22. The Boathouse
Near Chelsea, Quebec, Meech Lake is the site of a Summer retreat for Canada's Prime Minister and other politicians. To me, this is an ideal site for such a retreat as the lake embodies the best of what Canada has to offer - remote backcountry areas. While Meech Lake cannot be considered true backcountry now, there do exist places on it that give a pretty good semblence of days past with wild shorelines and even this old style boathouse that looks like it was around in the 1950's, or possibly even earlier. The rustic old wood and rickety dock, beaten down by years of freezing and thawing, rain and snow, winds and mists, bring back fond memories of my own time in Muskoka, Ontario, growing up. The light drizzle of the day clinched the deal for me to capture the scene on digital film.

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