21. Smokey Falls
The Sand River, which flows from the high country down into Lake Superior, Ontario, has numerous small, and a couple of not-so-small, falls on it. It's a place of mystery and intrigue, and a location I had been intending to visit for many years. Finally I got a chance to hike up the side of the river following a portage trail that bypasses numerous falls and a gorge or two. As is usual, I went very early in the morning before the sun had crested the high hills surrounding the river. From a couple of hundred metres away, I could hear the sound of one of the larger drops on the river so I followed my ears as best I could. Finally I broke out in a small clearing by the side of the river and was greeted by a spectacular waterfalls as it tumbled over granite on it's way to the coast. The early morning blue sky reflected down into the chasm that this falls was in giving a very blue cast to the scene. The mist that resulted from the water being tossed about so violently further added to the atmosphere, giving the whole scene a "smokey" appearance. The land of mystery and intrigue was definitely living up to its billiing on this day.

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