20. Dead And Alive
Spruce bogs are amazing places. The bog here has yet to really form in the area that the camera is pointing, but just out of sight on camera right, it is there in full. The water in these bogs is highly acidic which tends to make life difficult except for that which is adapted for such a harsh environment. We can see here, along the fringes of the pond, many dead trees. Given that it was a clear day, but the sun had yet to penetrate into the depths of the "bowl" where this bog is located, everything took on a ghostly blue tint. That seemed to make the bleached, dead trees at the edges of the water stand out that much more against the dark, living trees behind and the reflections of the water itself. I'm thinking that while perfectly natural, I wonder what 'unnatural' denizens might be lurking in the waters below... .

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