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So, I'm a photographer. Betcha you didn't see that coming, eh? OK, so you did. My friends tell me I've been shooting since just after dirt was invented, which I guess means I've got a bit of experience. Within these pages you'll find a select number of images as a result of that experience. There aren't a huge number of photographs here. That's partly because people get tired of looking at too many images at a time, and partly because I want to update the site fairly frequently to keep things fresh. This site is divided up into 4 main galleries - New Work, Wild Spaces, Canadiana and On Location. It should be fairly obvious what each of those galleries contain, so I'll let you explore them for yourself to see how close you got to what you expected. The New Work gallery will get changed out fairly often, but contains only a very few images. The Wild Spaces gallery is my most populous as that is my passion (well, passion of passions, I guess) in photography. It tries to see this Earth as it might have appeared before we got here. See the Artist's Statement page for further details. The Canadiana gallery contains general scenics that I feel are representative of Canada; including landscapes with and without people. I feel this is particularly relevent as Canada celebrates its 150th year of Confederation in 2017. Lastly, On Location is sort of a "Canadiana" set of images drilled down to a particular location. My specialty for many, many years has been wilderness photography and as such, I've not done a lot of shooting is towns and villages, or especially cities. This is changing and explorations of certain locations will appear there. At this point, the vast majority of images in here are from Ontario, Canada. That's because since going digital, Ontario has been my home and is incredibly rich in diverse scenery. That said, I have got the serious "travel-bug" itch now and in the coming months I am planning on hitting mountains, prairies and oceans, not necessarily in that order. As a bush pilot, I got to see a LOT of Canada in detail, and it's time to get back to those places with a camera once again. I hope you enjoy the images presented here. By all means, please check out those galleries and indeed all the pages within this site. The Artist's Statement page will give you a feel for why I shoot what I do and what moves me photographically. If nothing else, it will give you some insight into the thoughts behind the images. If you feel so inclined, drop me a line to say hi through my contact page. Thanks for dropping in. Oh, one last thing - a comment about viewing this site on a mobile device. I think for the most part the site works fine, but I confess to be far behind the technology curve on the newer systems. Frankly, I'd rather be out shooting than sitting in a classroom learning about how to make a completely mobile-friendly site. So all the pages will show, but the images may not look their best. To be honest, looking at fine art on a mobile device is (in my opinion) an exercise in futility. There is no way you can get a feel for the true image quality or even the message on a device that small. So please do both of us a favour and by all means use your mobile device for a quick check of something on this site, but for the "real deal", use a desktop or good sized laptop computer with a normal-to-good display. I think your experience will be much better. Thanks.