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Well, we're back, this time with a brand new site and images. For those who have been here before, welcome back. I hope you'll like the changes. For those of you new, welcome. Please feel free to look around. After a lot of soul searching on what my photography is about, I've pretty much narrowed things down to a nature-oriented gallery of images, all from my home - Canada. This time, rather than having 4 or so galleries as before, I'm going strictly with a nature theme now. That doesn't mean all photograph are from the backcountry, but you will see less in the way of man-made objects in here. Of course, people are part of nature as well (despite that many of us tend to forget that) and you will see signs of that in the gallery.True to what I said earlier, I have started traveling much further afield than previously so you will also see reflections of that. That notwithstanding, my first love is for the Canadian Shield region of Canada, but as many of you know, that's not exactly a limiting feature in this country. I will not be exclusive to that are though, by any stretch. The more I see, the more I want to see, and hopefully as I add to this gallery, that will become very evident. What is new in this iteration is the text following each of the large images. This text will sometimes be about my subject matter, and sometimes about how (and often, why) I shot what I did. Hopefully this will help newer photographers out there and maybe spur some on to do what they can to help protect our natural areas. We are running out of those, and those that do still exist are being pressured all the time. Thanks for dropping in then. I hope you enjoy your stay and the images. I am able now to take print orders online via email - please see the "Contacts" page where I'll be placing a price list and ordering instructions. Please head up to the navigation bar at the top of this page or  CLICK HERE to go directly to the Gallery. Thanks again. Oh, one last thing - a comment about viewing this site on a mobile device. I think for the most part the site works fine, but I confess to be far behind the technology curve on the newer systems. Frankly, I'd rather be out shooting than sitting in a classroom learning about how to make a completely mobile-friendly site. So all the pages will show, but the images may not look their best. To be honest, looking at fine art on a mobile device is (in my opinion) an exercise in futility. There is no way you can get a feel for the true image quality or even the message on a device that small. So please do both of us a favour and by all means use your mobile device for a quick check of something on this site, but for the "real deal", use a desktop or good sized laptop computer with a normal-to-good display. I think your experience will be much better. Thanks -- Glenn